Use Cases

How People Use Reskube

See how you can get the most out of Reskube.

Remote Power and Internet Resilience

Uninterruptible power and uninterruptible internet in a sleek device supporting the home, remote work and business premises, with central IT visibility, control and support.

Reskube also comes in useful for recreational activities. The device can power outdoor audio systems, portable projectors, or camping equipment, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment during outdoor gatherings, picnics, or camping trips whilst allowing you to stay connected to the internet, access GPS navigation, communicate with others, and share their experiences in real-time through social media or online platforms.


Reskube ensures continuous operation of critical medical equipment for homecare and seamless access to vital patient data in doctors surgeries. It supplies continuous power and surge protection provisions to medical equipment during power outages or fluctuations. This prevents disruption or damage to life-saving devices, such as ventilators, monitors, and surgical equipment, which rely on consistent power supply, thus mitigating the risk to patient safety.

The seamless internet connectivity, redundancy and remote monitoring all work together to improve patient care. It incorporates failover mechanisms, such as multiple internet service providers (ISPs) or cellular data connections, to maintain continuous internet access. This is crucial for real-time communication, access to electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine consultations, remote monitoring, and other healthcare applications.


Uninterruptible gaming through always-on power and internet means never missing that crucial moment or tournament. One sleek and simple device ensures uninterrupted gameplay and seamless online connectivity.

The UPS offers continuous gameplay and a smooth transition in the case of power loss while the uninterruptible internet connectivity provides reliability and seamless updates and downloads saving time and preventing interruptions due to network fluctuations or outages. It will also protect your valuable equipment from power surges as power is turned back on.

Small Site Resilience

Continuous operations during outages allow small sites such as retail, construction sites, doctors surgeries and primary schools ensure that critical systems and equipment remain operational with the added benefit of remote monitoring and management.

Reskube maintains power continuity and reliable internet connectivity during power outages or fluctuations, ensuring uninterrupted operations of essential equipment like computers, servers, routers, and communication systems. This prevents data loss, equipment damage, and downtime. It also ensures reliable access to online services, cloud applications, email, and other crucial online resources. This enables small sites to maintain staff productivity and customer service.

Easily deployed and installed, small sites go without the need for complex setup or infrastructure changes. It offers plug-and-play functionality, minimising installation time and costs and the need for onsite technical expertise.


Reskube offers power for outdoor activities or remote locations with limited access to reliable power sources. Charging in only 2 hours and with up to 25 hours support time, it powers essential equipment such as outdoor lighting, surveillance systems, communication devices, ensuring continuous operation. It is designed to be portable, compact, and lightweight, making it convenient for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency responders, or construction workers.

The device ensures continuous internet connectivity in outdoor settings where network coverage may be limited or prone to disruptions. It enables access to online resources, communication tools, and real-time information, which is also helpful in emergency situations and disaster response.