Enhancing Operational Resilience

Every transaction and customer interaction matters, which is why maintaining seamless operations is crucial. Reskube’s innovative solutions offer unparalleled resilience in the face of power outages and internet disruptions.

Safeguard Your Business Operations

The move to Edge Computing has had a transformative impact on retail, forecourt, and food-to-go sectors. By processing and analyzing data at the store level, Reskube empowers real-time decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency, personalized customer experiences, and revenue growth. Our resilient platform ensures continuous site network and IT system functionality, providing remote visibility and control for uninterrupted operations, even in challenging circumstances. Trust Reskube to safeguard your business, keeping critical functions running seamlessly during power or internet outages.


Uninterrupted Operations

The Reskube ensures that critical point-of-sale, security, and monitoring systems remain operational during power outages, avoiding sales loss and maintaining customer service.

Remote Visibility and Control

Features like zero-touch deployment and Out of Band Management (OOBM) enable remote monitoring and control, simplifying IT operations and reducing the need for on-site IT presence, especially valuable for remote or unmanned locations.

Extended Runtime

Offers up to 24 hours of UPS support, far exceeding traditional UPS systems, which is essential for prolonged outages common in severe weather or grid failures.

Robust Connectivity

Provides up to 150Mbps of fallback connectivity, ensuring that essential data and services stay online during internet disruptions.

Strong ROI

Boasts a 10-year battery lifespan with a high-capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, offering a lasting return on investment and reducing the frequency and cost of battery replacements.

In the dynamic landscape of the retail industry, Reskube emerges as a powerful solution to ensure seamless operations, particularly in scenarios where a disruption in power or internet connectivity could lead to significant setbacks.

Point-of-Sale Reliability

For retailers heavily reliant on electronic point-of-sale (POS) systems and online transactions, uninterrupted power and internet connectivity are non-negotiable. Reskube acts as a safeguard, ensuring that sales transactions proceed without interruption, providing a consistent and reliable experience for both customers and staff.

Inventory Management

In the world of retail, efficient inventory management is crucial for meeting customer demands. Reskube’s resilience guarantees that systems managing inventory levels, tracking stock movement, and facilitating timely reordering remain operational. This prevents disruptions in the supply chain and helps maintain optimal stock levels.

Customer Experience

Reskube plays a pivotal role in maintaining a positive customer experience. Whether it’s ensuring a stable internet connection for online shopping platforms or providing power backup for in-store digital displays and informational kiosks, Reskube contributes to an uninterrupted and smooth customer journey.

Security Systems

Security is paramount in retail, and Reskube ensures that surveillance systems, access control, and other security measures continue to function, even in the face of power outages. This enhances the overall safety and protection of both customers and assets.

Outdoor Promotions and Events

For retailers organizing outdoor promotions or events, Reskube provides a reliable solution to counteract potential challenges associated with power and communication breakdowns. Whether it’s powering temporary setups, ensuring continuous internet access, or serving as a backup during unforeseen outages, Reskube contributes to the success and safety of outdoor retail events.

Business Continuity Planning

Reskube becomes an integral part of a retail business’s continuity plan. By mitigating the risks associated with power fluctuations and internet outages, Reskube allows retail establishments to focus on their core competencies without the constant concern of infrastructure failures.

Remote Management System

Each individual Reskube is connected to a remote management portal from which businesses can monitor and manage connectivity.

The centralised control reinforces continuity by allowing users to see incoming threats as they arise. It enables full control and live fault diagnosis as well as granular network and device visibility.

Effortlessly maintain oversight of your deployments with straightforward and reliable control. Edit configurations, update firmware, monitor progress, schedule tasks, and automate operations, all conveniently accessible from your desktop or tablet.

Reskube’s versatile solution ensures efficiency and reliability across the entire spectrum of retail functions.

Embracing Resilience in Retail

Explore the transformative impact of Edge Computing in the retail landscape. This technological revolution emphasises the unparalleled benefits it brings to operational efficiency, customer service, and revenue growth. Uncover the resilience, reliability, and remote management capabilities that Reskube brings to your retail operations.

Explore How Reskube Can Help You

The Reskube Edge E110 is the solid platform for your mission critical edge deployments. Our resilient solutions ensures a dependable foundation for power and internet infrastructure, especially in remote locations.