Always-on Managed Services

We understand. Delivering on vendor promises, customer expectations and in difficult deployments is tough. Meeting SLAs and keeping customers happy in the face of increasing competition and the exploding demands of on-premises computing and networks requires a rock-solid foundation.

Market & Opportunity

Edge computing is exploding, with a forecast CAGR of 36.3% and projected market size of $140 billion by 2030. This expansion is driven by the need for real-time processing, data privacy concerns and IoT proliferation. It is an immense opportunity and a platform for Service Providers to build and deliver innovative services.

Challenges for Partners

However, in the real world, deploying and managing edge solutions for customers present challenges:

Complex installation and management, particularly at scale.

Ensuring consistent uptime and resilience to meet SLAs

Differentiating services in a competitive market.

Reskube: The Solution for Partners

Partnering with Reskube transforms these challenges into opportunities, providing:

Our Clients & Partners