Enterprise-grade infrastructure for the home

Reskube Home upgrades the home to the level of reliability and resilience we expect from our offices. It gives us the confidence to take back control of our work location and enable teams to deliver their best work uninterrupted.

Remote resilience with centralised control

The Remote Desktop Management Portal gives your team the visibility, control and reporting they need to manage Reskubes. It also speeds up the diagnosis and remediation of network or endpoint problems and the support of your remote workforce.

Granular device visibility

Alert, deactivate and bill cap controls

SIM lock to device

Automation rules and triggers

API integration

Live fault diagnosis

A reliable and uninterruptible power supply

The Reskube provides an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for itself and for any attached devices. It ensures connectivity is seamless, always. Never drop out at a critical moment in a call or in a game. Reskube will keep you online at critical moments.

Fix connectivity problems before they're problems

The Reskube fixes internet problems before they’re even noticed. It can detect connectivity issues through a series of automated triggers and rules, and solve them before users know they’re there. Workers can continue without interruption and businesses can rely on consistent productivity.

Upgrade the home

The optional Reskube PowerUp service aggregates your available internet lines to build one faster and more stable internet line.

The latency and the jitter is lower, so if you want freeze free Zoom calls, video streaming, trading or gaming this is the option for you.

High data usage

If your endpoint and network security is already in place, and your users use large amounts of data in video calls or media files, and if Reskube is your primary data connection – then the Unlimited Data Tariff is suitable for you.

Bring your own SIM

If your business already has agreements with Data Service Providers, you may prefer to keep all contracts and billing under one roof. The Reskube is an open platform, allowing you to use your existing service provider’s SIM.

Optional APN

If you need an additional layer of security and control, the Reskube can be provisioned with a Public or Private Access Point Name network SIM. This Machine to Machine SIM provides a more secure method of connecting users back to your systems and resources.