Mission Critical Edge Computing

Mission Critical Edge Computing

Reskube in Action

Edge computing and IoT are revolutionizing mission-critical operations by bringing data processing closer to the source. This paradigm shift enhances the reliability and speed of point of sale systems, personalized offers and check-in for customers and ensures seamless CCTV and alarm monitoring. By minimizing downtime and the associated brand risk of non-availability, businesses can differentiate themselves, offering superior, uninterrupted service that meets the demanding pace of today’s commercial landscape.

According to Gartner, by 2025, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the edge, outside of a traditional data center or cloud.

Mission Critical Technology at the Edge

Reskube steps into the forefront, serving as the resilient backbone for Mission Critical Edge Computing. Its robust power and connectivity solutions become vital, ensuring that critical applications, from real-time analytics to AI-driven operations, run seamlessly, regardless of the challenges posed by remote and dynamic environments.


Essential services like reservation systems and point-of-sale operations, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal customer experience.

Critical Remote Work

Critical remote work such as trading, lawyers, doctors, callcentre, telehealth.


For inventory management, ePOS, customer behaviour analytics, real-time personalized promotions
and interactive kiosks.


Seamless operations to online learning platforms and communication tools, minimise disruptions, enhancing an overall learning experience. 


Remote patient monitoring, telehealth services, and real-time analytics for treatment decisions, all contributing to improved efficiency, patient outcomes, and overall satisfaction.


Edge computing in warehouses for security surveillance, gatehouse management, inventory tracking
and automated restocking.


Improved reliability and reduced downtime for essential processes, such as production lines, predictive maintenance, quality control analytics, and real-time monitoring of equipment.


Navigation systems on vessels, communication tools between ships and shore facilities, supporting logistics coordination and emergency response.


Fully operational precision farming and crop monitoring systems, drone-assisted monitoring, and automated equipment control, contribute to increased efficiency, resource optimisation, and overall resilience.

Explore How Reskube Can Help You

The Reskube Edge E110 is the solid platform for your mission critical edge deployments. Our resilient solutions ensures a dependable foundation for power and internet infrastructure, especially in remote locations.