Reskube Helps Individuals and Communities Recover from Thunderstorm-Related Power Outages

There has been a wave of weather-related incidents this week across the UK. Flash flooding caused cars to plough through deep puddles in London, flights were disrupted at Gatwick Airport after thunderstorms “caused air traffic control delays” and lightning put on hold Manchester City’s victory parade celebrating their recent win.

During a thunderstorm, power outages can leave people in a state of vulnerability and inconvenience. Reskube Home Pro, our new and improved solution provides uninterruptible power, quick deployment, remote management, emergency support, essential communication, and community assistance. It is proving to be the revolutionary solution to have in these situations and here’s why:

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Reskube is designed to deliver uninterruptible power during challenging situations like thunderstorms. With its advanced power backup capabilities, Reskube ensures a continuous supply of electricity, keeping essential devices and equipment running when the grid fails.

Quick Deployment

Reskube can be swiftly deployed in affected areas to quickly provide resilience to remote workers, businesses or communities. Its compact and portable design allows for easy transportation, enabling rapid setup and deployment even in remote or hard-to-reach locations. This ensures that help can reach people in need promptly.

Remote Management

The device can be monitored and managed remotely, allowing technicians and support personnel to diagnose and address any issues promptly. This remote assistance ensures efficient troubleshooting and reduces the need for onsite technical expertise, saving time and resources.

Emergency Services

Power outages can have severe implications for critical services like care homes, emergency response centres, and other healthcare facilities. Reskube provides reliable power backup to these vital institutions, ensuring that medical equipment, communication systems, and other life-saving devices remain operational during thunderstorms. This support enhances the ability of emergency services to respond effectively and save lives.

Essential Communication

Thunderstorms can disrupt communication networks, making it difficult for affected individuals to reach out for help, continue working or stay connected with loved ones. Reskube’s connectivity features ensure that people have access to internet services and can stay connected during power outages. This connectivity facilitates communication with emergency services, authorities, and family members, providing a sense of security and assistance in critical situations.

Community Support

Reskube’s impact extends beyond individual households. It can be deployed in communal spaces, such as shelters or community centres, to provide power and internet access for a broader group of people affected by the thunderstorm.

Reskube plays a vital role in helping individuals and communities recover from thunderstorm-related power outages. Its uninterrupted power supply, quick deployment, remote management capabilities, emergency support, essential communication, and community assistance contribute to the resilience of affected individuals and communities. By bridging the power and communications gap during weather related outages, Reskube ensures that people, healthcare and businesses can continue to deliver their value uninterrupted.


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