Reskube Home Pro Garners Praise from ITPro: A Game-Changer for Resilient Remote Working

Reskube, as we continues to be a leading provider of innovative solutions for remote working, are thrilled to announce that our flagship product, the Reskube Home Pro, has been positively reviewed by ITPro. Simon Handby of ITPro highlighted the Reskube Home Pro as an excellent, single solution for resilient remote working.

The ITPro review establishes the Reskube Home Pro as a well-executed solution, delivering on its fundamental brief of providing resilience to critical home workers and micro or mobile offices. The Home Pro’s integration of backup power supply and data connectivity into a single box justifies its value, offering a practical and cost-effective solution.

For more information about the Reskube Home Pro and to read the full ITPro review, please visit their website here.

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