Small Offices

Small Offices

Stay Connected

Small offices where much of the creativity happens are also amongst the most vulnerable. Reskube is a very simple and cost effective solution to deliver consistent power and dependable internet connectivity, essential for seamless daily operations.

Your Best Work Uninterrupted

“The Economic Impact of Power Outages” report by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that power outages cost US businesses between $150 billion and $200 billion annually.

Our solution mitigates the risk to productivity caused by power outages and connectivity disruptions. From ensuring that sales calls and customer support remain active to keeping critical data synchronized and secure in the cloud, Reskube provides peace of mind, allowing small teams to focus on what they do best without the worry of infrastructure failures.


Solving Complexity with Simplicity

Keep Your Equipment Safe and Sound

We’ve got your back! Reskube safeguards your valuable devices with our super quick backup power and strong defense against power spikes. No worries about disruptions or unstable voltage – Reskube has your gear covered.

Unbreakable 4G Internet

Reskube offers 4G failover router functionality for your devices, promising uninterrupted internet connectivity. Experience smooth online connectivity, ensuring you stay unaffected by disruptions, whether it’s crucial work or simply connecting with friends and family.

Safety First

We have gone the extra mile to ensure compliance with very high standards for electromagnetic emissions. This is to ensure that Reskubes are completely safe to use, even with the most sensitive of electrical equipment such as satellite communication devices.

Simple Setup

Enjoy a hassle-free setup with Reskube’s user-friendly deployment process. With just a simple press of a button, Reskube seamlessly integrates into your network, making it easy for you to deploy without any complications.

Remote Management System

Take control of your IT infrastructure with unprecedented ease and efficiency through Reskube’s Remote Management System (RMS). Support non-technical users at each site, with real-time visibility and control, offering a centralised platform for monitoring and management, improving time to resolution and incident response rate. Reskube’s RMS alleviates worries related to downtime and operational blind spots ensuring effortless compliance with regulatory requirements.

Explore How Reskube Can Help You

The Reskube Edge E110 is the solid platform for your mission critical edge deployments. Our resilient solutions ensures a dependable foundation for power and internet infrastructure, especially in remote locations.