So, why build Reskube?

When we all worked in offices, organisations that ran time critical activities used Work Area Recovery as a fallback for their offices. This ensured that critical work could continue uninterrupted.

As part of the process of assessing the buildings or service providers to use one of the key questions was – “How resilient is the Recovery Centre?”.

Of course, no-one wanted to fall back to the Recovery Centre due to a problem with their main office, only to have another failure there.

FortressAS Recovery Suite overlooking Millwall Dock

So, the Recovery Centres were made resilient. This was expensive but simple. The buildings had dual feed power, dual feed comms, UPS and generator and were made highly resilient.

However, in March 2020 everyone was sent home and hybrid working became established as the de facto way of working. As a result, much of the critical work that was happening in the Recovery Centre is now happening at home. It still requires the same level of resilience and this is where the complication arises.

It is surprisingly complex for an enterprise to send out standardised and manageable resilient infrastructure into 10s, 100s or even 1000s of staff homes or sites.

Following hundreds of discussions with customers looking at this problem we have found there are a recurring set of requirements that need to be met by a solution to this complexity.

Below is the checklist:

Simple and Standardized Deployment

Remote staff members may be critical but often lack technical expertise. The solution must be simple to deploy and standardized across all regions. It must have plug-and-play installation so remote workers can effortlessly connect and get their resilience in place without distraction from their main roles.

Home Certification for Safety Assurance and Risk Reduction

Any device sent by an organisation into staff homes must be certified to be used in the home. This certification provides peace of mind, ensuring that companies are protected from potentially significant litigation in the event of device-related damages or other unforeseen circumstances.

Fully Automated Failover and Failback

As discussed, staff are often not technical and so the failover and fallback must be seamless, automated, happening without user intervention. Again, the resilience is there to ensure that the employee’s work is uninterrupted.

Remote Management and Support:

Crucially, the remote devices and infrastructure must be managed and supported remotely to enable centralized oversight and streamlined operations. Central IT or Network teams should be able to integrate the device management into their existing SOC/NOC systems. This integration allows for remote device management, support, and the generation of comprehensive reports.

Highly Reliable

Poor reliability can significantly impact the return on investment, causing more problems than it solves. The solution should be engineered with utmost reliability in mind. Depending on where staff are located it should also be designed to operate in regions with intermittent power supply.

Technically, it should also utilize high-quality components that provide protection against power surges that often occur in phases of load shedding. Additionally, the solution should deliver full UPS functionality with failover times of less than 10ms to ensure active IT equipment is not damaged or disrupted.

Fast Charge and High Cycles:

Power availability can be limited in certain regions, posing challenges for remote teams. The solution will need fast charging capabilities and exceptional battery cycle performance. Even in areas where power is available for short durations, rapid charging is necessary while maintaining battery integrity. It is important to withstand thousands of charging cycles without degradation in storage capacity as this will guarantee reliable and long-lasting performance and not quickly fail.

Reskube Home Pro, of course, meets all of the requirements above in a single device and by design. It is unique in delivering a comprehensive solution for enterprises seeking to enhance the resilience of their remote teams. You can see how it does this in the video below.

With Reskube, enterprises can empower their remote teams, enabling them to navigate challenges with ease and maximize productivity.

To learn more about Reskube and explore additional resources, please visit our website: or see the video below.

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