Building optimised, secure and resilient infrastructure.

For the Enterprise and Remote Worker.

FortressAS is an award-winning expert at delivering high performance, secure and resilient infrastructure for business. The world changed in 2020 and FortressAS has the services and solutions to give your business the competitive edge to address the new ways of working.

FortressAS helps our customers move away from firefighting to controlling and managing resources and risk. We help plan and implement strategically designed technology and infrastructure to efficiently, cost effectively and securely deliver core and critical services.

We help Insurance Companies improve the security and performance of infrastructure supporting remote working staff, Tier 1 Global Banks build bespoke and dedicated Recovery Trading Floors and Asset Managers manage the security of their endpoints.
Throughout all of these projects, the FortressAS team provides friendly, expert, and timely advice helping you on the journey to design a better IT foundation for your business.

Webinar: Cutting Costs While Optimising and Securing Remote Workers

Tough times are ahead, and we need to prepare our organisations now for this future to ensure our competitive advantage.

In this webinar, Yishay Yovel, CMO of unicorn CATO Networks, explains how one project delivers reduced costs, improved resilience and secure and optimised remote working: – modernising network infrastructure, using Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), to provide a simply managed, resilient and highly secure network optimising performance to remote workers.

Recovery Centre Tour: Crossharbour Recovery Centre

The Fortress London Recovery Centres are designed from the ground up to be flexible, bright and modern spaces – spaces that staff will be immediately comfortable in. This and our focus on Customer Satisfaction and high quality Service Delivery helped us win the CIR Award for Specialist Provider of the Year.

BCI Report: The Future of Business Continuity and Resilience

This global report outlining the many lessons learned in the very unusual early months of 2020 is, arguably, one of the most important reviews of Business Continuity and Organisational Resilience in many years. FortressAS is very pleased to be partnering with the BCI to deliver this valuable information.

Secure, resilient infrastructure for Enterprise.


Award-winning and expert infrastructure team, with 30 years of experience.

Improved Performance for Homeworkers

The old hub and spoke use of VPNs into a central DC no longer supports the huge shift to homeworking. New models of delivering highly performant and secure access to resources must be implemented.

Secure Access to Enterprise Resources

As the perimeter dissolves as every employee's home becomes a new branch and with a new cyber-attack vector being launched each day, security must be moved into the cloud and delivered as a service.

On-demand Infrastructure as an OPEX Service

Sometimes public cloud is not the right way forward but the OPEX and on-demand model of scaling up and down is. FortressAS on-demand bare metal and connectivity provides a smarter and more agile provisioning of computing and connectivity on a global scale.

Dedicated Fallback Trading Floor

Banks and those trading in the markets still want teams to trade together and do not want to take the risk of syndicated Work Area Recovery. FortressAS is an award-winning specialist designing, building and managing dedicated fallback trading floor.

Working with FortressAS is a breath of fresh air!

Asset Manager, COO

Some of the companies we help with cybersecurity and resilience programs:

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